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5 Common iPhone Repair Problems to Deal With

Did you know that Apple is among the top tech companies that sell millions of units just days after releasing virtually any product? Keeping in mind that most of the buyers don’t even get to see or use the device before ordering really shows how much faith their customers have. But considering that their best seller (the iPhone) is almost in its eight generation, you’d think Apple would have all their chickens in the coop by now.

Alas, not even the best smart phone company in the world is immune to certain characteristic flaws. No matter which iPhone you own, chances are that you dropped a decent amount of money in and didn’t expect to come across some of these “inferior phone” repair issues. Don’t worry too much about it, we’ll be looking at all the typical gripes surrounding the iPhone as well as how you can work around these issues. While not necessarily universal or entirely exceptional to just Apple’s smartphones , here are 5 common iPhone repair problems to deal with. 

1: Scratches and Scuff Marks on The Body

As you’re well aware, some iPhones such as fifth generation models come in anodized aluminum casing which gets scratched out very easily. In fact, some new buyers report finding the coating scratched off all around the edges and back panel right out of the box. Image result for scratch marks on cellphoneSure, Apple’s Marketing boss Phil Schiller reassured customers that it’s totally normal for aluminum products to chip and expose the natural silver color. But all we heard coming out of Schiller’s mouth was ‘your iPhone will get scratched, so deal with it.’ However, it’s also important to note that scratches and scuff marks are not just specific to iPhones. Any smartphone that goes through life in a crowded handbag or a hostile pocket is bound to have a few scuffles with items like coins, keys and other sharp objects. That’s why it pays to be prepared for minor issues such as this.

How to Deal With It

If your smartphone is not all scratched up yet, thank your tech gods and buy yourself an iPhone case. But if it has already started showing glimpses of aluminum, you can always polish off the coating to create a more clean, uniform look. Today, there are lots of cases and protective accessories you can use to protect both the body and screen of your phone, making it sport that brand new look for much longer. So make sure you take advantage of covers, cases, protectors and pretty much anything else you can find.

2: Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Image result for cellphone can't connect to wifiAh yes, the Wi-Fi bias. If you consider yourself a long time iPhone user, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Lots of users have cited issues when trying to connect their iPhones to specific Wi-Fi networks such as refusing to connect or dropping the connection for no reason. Others say that the signal strength remains unbelievably low even when standing right next to the router. If you do come across issues with Wi-Fi and networking while using your, here’s how you deal with it.

How to Deal With It

You could always try and hold down your home and lock button for a couple seconds until the Apple logo restarts the iPhone. Similarly, Apple released the iOS 6.0.2 update to specifically address the Wi-Fi issue, but it still persists in some phones.

3: Excess Battery Drain and Overheating

Speaking of the iOS 6 updates, one of those may have come with a very unfortunate side effect. Image result for iphones overheatingWhen the iOS 6.1 update initially rolled out, a throng of customers started complaining that their iPhones were overheating and draining their batteries faster than normal. Some reports have linked the drain and overheat to Microsoft Exchange 2010 that was supposedly fixed in the 6.1.2 update, but we all know that doesn’t work for everyone.

How to Deal With It

Like most other issues, nothing works better for a smartphone than a hard reset. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your Exchange account, update your iOS or cutting down on power hungry apps.

4: Unresponsive Touchscreen

Image result for cellphone with Unresponsive TouchscreenThe last thing you expect from an iPhone is for the screen and display to start acting up. Believe it or not, even superior quality components tend to fail once in a while. There have been complaints from quite a few users that their iPhone touchscreen randomly drops when (for lack of a better word) fingered across the display. Other complaints include registering touch without the user actually touching or not responding to touch at all.

How to Deal With It

If the problem is mild, chances are that its an iOS issue that can be solved with a quick update. However, severe unresponsiveness is always a sign of hardware issues. Try resetting, then updating, and finally repairing.

5: Home and Power Buttons not Working

As two of the most used buttons on your iPhone, it makes sense they are prone to damage. For some, their iPhones were always flaky and unresponsive from the start. But for others, the power and home buttons might be gradually wearing out from use. If you Related imagenotice that it takes more and more jobs to get these buttons working, then this is where you are headed.

How to Deal With It

For the home button, working around it is a walk in the park, Just go to settings, general, accessibility, and turn on the assistive touch. This creates a small circle on the screen that takes you to the home screen when tapped. But if the problem is more serious or the power button fails, then you’ll need to head over to an Apple store and get it repaired under warranty.