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This is Audio Cables Rus – a gadget blog with all the truthful information on most devices you can think of. Our authors write here to make you acknowledged of all new technologies that may be useful for you, as well as of some old good features and devices we loved in the past.

Our Purpose

We want people to know as much as they deserve to know about the world of gadgets. There are many of those who are interested in this niche but can’t find a good service to read the information without advertising and subjective reviews. We strive to give the information to anyone interested by writing high quality articles about different pieces of technology.

Our Team

Our team of writers consists of professionals who work in the technological industry for a long time. They have used, fixed, and reviewed tons of different gadgets, but they decided to do something new like telling people about the devices they are working with. Our writers know how to tell anyone about anything, so even if you are new to the world of gadgets, you will understand what they are writing about.

Our Blog

We try to cover all the necessary aspects of gadgets in our posts, but we want to develop and evolve, becoming better as a team and making this blog more sophisticated. You can ask any of our readers, and they will prove that we are already better than we were. If you are interested in receiving news about technological world written in a user-friendly form, we are ready to welcome you to the group of our readers.

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We are always open for any kind of feedback, so you can contact us freely. You can tell us what you do or don’t like about our blog, what we need to improve, and what features we need to add to this gadget blog. You can also ask questions about any of our articles, as we can tell you much more about any gadget if you are interested. You can also offer a topic or a post to our blog, and we will be grateful for your attention and happy to work on the theme or the article before posting it to our blog.

This is quite all we wanted to tell you about our service, so if you are ready to learn more about a wonderful world of high technologies, we welcome you to our gadget blog.