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Modern Gadgets and Technologies in Farming Business

Farming is one of the most conservative human activities. It implies hard work, permanent concentration, and great patience. It seems to be incompatible with the newly developed technologies, however when people’s need to make the job easier reached its peak, they decided to test new devices and gadgets.



Not long ago it became popular among farmers to use technological advances not only to get more profit from the land, but also to improve their agricultural tools. In order to get to know these magic wands, check out the list of modern gadgets used in farming business.


Precision Hawk Lancaster

Precision Hawk Lancaster is an innovative and customizable drone that is used for instant in-field data review. The design of the drone is very simple. It is four feet wide and weighs no more than three pounds. Also, it can carry actual loads of up to two pounds. This drone is equipped with different sensors developed to collect and interpret data, among which the most popular are visual, multispectral, thermal, LiDAR, and hyperspectral sensors.



PlantLink is a plant sensor that automatically detects whether the plant needs water. After it appeared on the market, this gadget proved to be the most effective device to measure the moisture levels of plants.

All you need to do is to stick the sensor’s prongs into the soil. In a few seconds they will wirelessly transmit data about its moisture to the base station, so that you can know exactly whether your plants need water.

Moreover, PlantLink can easily adjust to the user’s plants with an online catalog about 50,000 different species in the database.


Kinze’s Autonomous Planter

Kinze’s autonomous planter can help you to get more profit by increasing the crops. How can it be possible? Since this planter is outfitted with GPS, it will easily scan the territory of your field and get all necessary information about it. The tractor has an in-built computer that finds potential obstacles like trees and waterways and prevents the vehicle from hitting them.

Strawberry-Picking Robot

When picking strawberries or any other berries, farmers should always be very careful and concentrated. To pick only the ripest berries by not bruising them is rather difficult. According to the news, the researchers in Japan have developed an exclusive strawberry-picking robot – The NARO.


This gadget has two cameras to determine the ripeness using a 3D image of a strawberry. If the strawberry need picking, the robot cuts its stalk within nine seconds and avoids bruising.

Arable’s Crop and Weather Sensor Pulsepod

The crop and weather sensor Pulsepod has recently appeared on the market. This agricultural gadget has a sensing technology able to monitor the crop growth, predict rainfalls, and check the water need of plants and other processes. As a result, you won’t waste necessary resources on farming and gain even more crops. Furthermore, the main advantage of Pulsepod is that it is portable and solar-powered.


Blue River Technology

The Blue River Technology is a brand-new device to help farmers reduce the use of chemicals in food. How does it work? A well-known fact that plants usually get a big amount of chemicals, even when they aren’t actually sick. This may lead to reduction in yield and significant costs. Blue River Technology can help farmers to obtain only healthy food and avoid farming problems by using its own computer vision and robotics system. The farmer is able to set the essential spacing between plants, while the controllable machine sprays chemicals to remove only excess plants. In this manner, the optimization of agriculture is guaranteed by this technology.