Should Kids Have Access to Technology Gadgets?

Should Kids Have Access to Technology Gadgets?

Our world is full of hi-tech gadgets, and many parents often wonder whether to allow their kids to use these smart devices or not. Some think that technology will help their children acquire knowledge, while others worry it may be harmful at early childhood development.



It would be great to consider both pros and cons of providing our kids access to electronic gadgets.



  • Help in getting knowledge.

Mobile gadgets not only interact children, but also give assistance in brain development, encourage cognitive learning, strategic thinking, and creativity. Many new apps are very informative and might be as efficient as tutors.

  • Access to valuable music.

Any child can find many songs that help not only develop rhythm and increase coordination, but also make his or her memory more effective and flexible.

  • The raise of competitiveness.

A diversity of video games motivate players to move up levels and earn high scores. The competition skills help children compete with others as well as their weaknesses, stimulate them to achieve success in future.

  • More peace and free time for parents.

Popular technological toys and apps can help kids learn alphabet, improve counting and drawing skills, teach reading stories and fairy tales. Think about how much time you save for yourself when giving a child a smartphone or tablet with interesting apps.




  • Social withdrawal.

Children, who spend most of their time at home playing with electronic gadgets are prone to anxiety and violence, and can even disobey their parents. As a result, they will have problems with communication skills, cooperation, and creativity.

  • Scammers and online impostors.

Online scammers know that young kids are very vulnerable and sensible, so that they could demand money or any expensive things. Parents should check all the websites their kid visits to prevent the problems.

  • Technological addiction.

A child who uses smart devices all day long is at high risk of getting addicted to online video games or apps. If not taking steps to determine a certain number of hours to play, children may replace any outdoor activities by electronic gadgets.

Despite several drawbacks, the impact of technology on children is positive. And while parents are determining the right number of hours for their kids to play with gadgets, interacting with them, making breaks for outdoor activities, they prove that electronic devices are useful for children’s development and study process.

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