Why Your Cell Phone Will Not Charge

Why Your Cell Phone Will Not Charge

Are you frustrated, wondering why your cell phone will not charge? If so, this is a common problem that can truly ruin your day. After all, not only is your phone an expensive piece of equipment that’s costly to replace – it’s also a device that you probably can’t live without. For these reasons, you’ll want to try easy fixes first, before moving onto more technical solutions. Here are a number of options for you to attempt, which will hopefully resolve the issue quickly.

Reposition the Connector.


The small USB charging port is susceptible to damage, such as the metal connector in the middle getting bent out of position. Take a look at your phone. If the connector is sloping up or down, you’ll need to gently move it back to the center. It’s critical that you take great care during this operation, otherwise you could damage your phone even further.


Take a small item like a pin or even a sturdy toothpick, and with the smallest amount of pressure possible, bend the connector back to the middle. If you don’t feel confident carrying out this type of delicate repair, then take it into your local cell phone service shop instead. According to some experts, realigning the USB connector in your phone will fix your charging problem the majority of the time (1).

Clean Out the Charging Port.Image result for phone not charging


You likely keep your phone in your pocket or in your purse. Both of these can be filled with dust and lint, which can make its way into the cracks in the USB charging port. Using a piece of plastic packaging from an item laying around your home, cut out a small wedge shape with a fine point at the end. This will be thin enough to fit between the metal edges of the USB port and the connector in the middle. Slowly work the plastic wedge down deeply into the crevices of the charging port, flicking out any lint or debris that you free up (2). Many times, this is sufficient to fix the charging issue.


Switch Out Your Charging Cord.


The next item to troubleshoot is your charging cord. These can go bad or short out from time to time. If you have a backup cord available, give it a try. If this will charge your phone, then you know that your cord is to blame. If not, if your cord has a USB to wall outlet adapter on the end, this could be the source of the charging difficulty. Try disconnecting the adapter from your USB charging cable, and then plugging the cable into your computer. If this setup successfully charges your phone, then your adapter is faulty (3).


Look At the Wall Outlet.


While this may seem like a silly step to take, sometimes the outlet isn’t providing any power. This could be because the circuit breaker associated with that outlet has been flipped, though you’d likely notice that other appliances like lights or lamps also aren’t working. More likely, there may be a wall switch connected to the outlet you’re trying to use, which is in the off position (4).


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Check Your Battery.


The final item that you can check, is to see if your battery appears to be damaged. If it’s swollen or leaking, then your battery is no longer good and will need to be replaced.



When wondering why your cell phone will not charge, this is the list of the most common issues for you to cover. If none of these tips gets your phone back up and running, then you’ll need to take your device to a qualified cell phone repair service. They will have the experience and tools necessary to diagnose your issue and suggest the best fix. Hopefully, this type of trip won’t be necessary, and the above solutions will be enough for you to quickly get your phone charging again.

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